To-Go Dog Bowls
To-Go Dog Bowls
  • Holds 24 Ounces Of Water

  • Long Lasting Usage With Up To 7 DAYS With NO Leaks!

  • Cost Effective And Reusable

  • Portable (Folds For Easy Carry And Storage)

  • Safe, Non-Toxic And Anti-Bacterial

  • Recyclable And Sustainable

  • Made In The USA

  • HOW TO

Be with your pup, connect with your pack, and take on the perfect adventure with COAST #TOGODOGBOWLS! Our patent pending, eco-friendly disposable dog bowls are made from durable, lightweight material. Designed small and slim, COAST to-go bowls can be tucked away in any pocket or tiny space allowing you and your four legged friends the freedom to explore. 

In a few simple steps, bowls transform from flat — to full! Safely enjoy water, pup food, and even a snack for you from our FDA Approved bowls. Available in packs of 6 and 12, COAST eco-disposable bowls are perfect for your daily, weekend or week long adventure! #paper4pups 


The Coast Disposable Dog Bowl in action

How TO Easily Put Together Your Coast Disposable Bowl

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
These bowls are great for hiking

These bowls are great for hiking - they fold flat so they’re easy to throw in a backpack or pocket. Once the weather cools off, we’ll be hitting the trails again with all our new Coast gear!

Sam W.

I bought these bowls and am glad I did! They are just as advertised. Easy to use - they last longer than two weeks and are small enough to take anywhere.


Talk about a great idea! I purchased Coast’s to-go bowls at lululemon when Coast popped up in their store, and I couldn’t be happier with the product! The bowls are so small and they fit in my back pocket. I have a few in my purse, some in my car. They are my go to bowls for when I head out to eat or go to the beach. I’ve already bought more, and share them with all my friends and family. Highly recommend!

Convenient bowls!

We love these Coastbrand bowls! We live at the beach and love to spend the day there. Packing and hauling things through the sand is difficult when the dog is coming along too! This bowl folds and fits right into my beach chair pocket! It is so light and easy to carry, set up and put away. When the bowl is folded, it is flater than my cell phone. The bowl is hygenic and less bulky than a plastic collapsible bowl! When we hike, I zip it into the pocket of my back pack so my pup has easy access to water. I keep it in the back pocket of my SUV in case of emergency. I highly recommend these bowls for any dog family on the go!

Maddie & Tex

Living in TX where it regularly gets in the triple digits in the summer months, it’s important to have a bowl for my pup so he can get a drink where ever we are! These bowls are awesome because you they are super easy to store (in the car, your purse, etc) and really easy to set up! Definitely recommend this product to you if you do a lot of outdoor activities with your pup such as hiking, lake days, or the playing at the dog park!

Coast Disposable dog bowls IN ACTION

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