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Free TO BE

At Coast, "free to be" is the mantra we live by.  To us, it means the freedom to be who we are.  The freedom to enjoy the moments we have today, because we are not guaranteed tomorrow. The freedom to take risks, always staying humble, and learning from our stumbles.  

Our products are inspired and created to be enjoyed anywhere from the city to coast.  They are versatile in use, made of the best materials, allowing you to safely and easily bring your four-legger along with you on your daily journey.  They allow you to be... free!

We believe in kindness, the importance of helping those in need, and are inspired by people who share their passions with the world.  We hope the more of us that unite around this way of life, the better the world will be. 

Handcrafted IN the USA

All of Coast’s products are proudly designed with ❤️in Fishtown - Philadelphia, Pa.  Each piece is handmade out of the highest quality locally sourced marine grade yarn, Wickett & Craig vegetable tanned leather, and stainless steel hardware. Providing you and your four-legger many years of enjoyment!

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