The Surprising Convenience Of Disposable Dog Bowls

Lola australian labradoodle drinking from to-go dog bowlThere’s nothing better than heading outside for some fresh air with your pup. It’s a great way to stretch your legs, soak up the sun, and lift both of your moods. But with the weather getting warmer, the risk of dehydration is a concern.

Your pup needs access to fresh water, especially if they love to run around. Disposable dog bowls are a convenient way to take care of your pup’s thirst. If you haven’t tried them yet, you’re missing out as there are several benefits to these handy little bowls.

Fewer Items to Carry

With a disposable water bowl, you have fewer items you need to carry. All you need is your folded up disposable water bowl. Then when your pup gets thirsty, you pop it open, fill it, and let them enjoy.

The portability and small size of the folded bowl mean you have to carry fewer items with you. Once set up, it can hold 24 ounces of water. This makes the bowl large enough to hold plenty of water.

These bowls are also durable, non-toxic, and anti-bacterial, which makes them safe for use in a variety of conditions with a wide range of dogs. A single bowl can also last for up to seven days without leaking.

Less Bulk

Unlike other water bowls, a disposable bowl folds down flat and compact. It can comfortably slip into your back pocket. Even travel bowls that fold can’t do that. For even greater convenience, you could stack two disposable bowls and put both in your pocket. Now you have a food and water bowl ready to go.

With your disposable dog bowl, you can go anywhere and still have your hands free. You could even dry, refold, and put the bowl away when your pup is finished.

Less Mess

Trying to let your dog drink as you pour water out of a water bottle creates a big mess. Most of the water ends up on the ground and splashed about. If you had a bowl to pour the water in, you could avoid this whole messy situation.

Easy to Use

You don’t have to be an expert in origami to figure out how to open and close your disposable water bowl. With a few quick folds, you’ll have it set up and ready for holding water. Then undo the tabs, and you can pack it away flat again in a snap.


With a disposable water bowl, you have the convenience of being able to provide your pup with water no matter where you are. All you need to do is pop open the bowl and fill with water.

What’s nice about our water bowls is that they come in packs of six or twelve. This means you buy one pack and keep a bowl in your car, at the office, at home, in your bag, and anywhere else that you may go with your four-legged friend. Now you’ll never have to worry about not having a bowl within reach.

Environmentally Friendly

What do you do with your disposable dog bowl when your pup is done drinking? You could pack it away for another use. Or you could toss it in a recycling bin. Dog bowls made out of other materials aren’t environmentally friendly and require you to carry them with you or be mindful of how you throw them away.

Disposable dog bowls are both recyclable and sustainable, which makes them environmentally friendly.

Pack a Disposable Water Bowl for Your Pup

As you can see, disposable dog bowls are a convenient and easy way to ensure your pup stays hydrated. Just slip a folded bowl into your back pocket as you head out on your adventures. Then when you’re ready, you can pop it open, fill with water, and let them enjoy.

Pack your disposable dog bowl and make sure your pup stays hydrated and healthy.

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